MS Excel 2016 best fit or auto fit

MS Excel 2016 Best Fit Or AutoFit

  1. If the cell width is not adequate for the contents of a column, you can change to its exact required size using either Best Fit feature or Auto Fit option. Best Fit is used not only to change the cell width as well as to change the row height also.
  2. Place the mouse pointer on the separator of the column letters or row numbers, then double«click on it, immediately the Column width or Row height will be changed to display the widest entry within that particular column or row. Always you have to consider the separator between the current column or row and next column or row. This is known as Best Fit feature.
  3. To make AutoFit, select the particular columns and then go to Home TabCell Group ⇒Click FormatAutoFit Column Width. The columns are automatically adjusted so that each column is wide enough to show the widest content in that particular column.
Place the mouse Pointer on the separator of two column letter or row number when a mouse pointer converts a Symbol like below then double-click on it.




Similarly. to adjust the height Of the row automatically, first select all the rows to be adjusted. GO to Home Tab
Cell Group Click Format -Y AutoFit Row Height. The rows are automatically adjusted so that each row’s height
is enough to display the entry of such height in that row. AutoFit & Best Fit option can change the width or
height of multiple columns or rows at a time.

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