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How do i open and edit PDF in word



Open and edit PDFs inside word

Word 2013 can not only open a PDF document, but it also allows you to edit it without the need for a third-party application. You can also edit the data in tables and move images around the document. You can save the document as either a PDF or a word file when you’re finished. This is a must-have feature for anyone who frequently works with PDFs.
To open a PDF file in a word: Right click on the file ⇒ Open with ⇒Word.

Resuming Reading in word 

Reopen a document and keep reading right where you left off. Word recalls where you were — even when you reopen an online document from a different computer!

Read Mode ⇒ This mode allows users to flip through documents in a book – like a layout without distracting editing tools. When a document opens in Reading mode, you can not make changes to the document and use editing tools or view the ribbon.

Change Case

The case is not formatting. A case is a choice of what capitalization to use —uppercase, lowercase, or some combination thereof.

By using the change case feature

1) Select the text which y want to change.
2) On the Home, tab ⇒ goes to the Change Case button, from the drop-down list select option which you want.

  • Sentence case⇒ converts the first character Of the sentence into a capital letter.
  • Lowercase⇒ converts the selected matter into small letters.
  • UPPERCASE⇒ converts entire selected text into capital letters.
  • Capitalize Each Word⇒ option converts only the first characters of each word Of text selected into capital
  • tOGGLE CASE⇒ is used to make the opposite case within the selection, i.e. small letters Will get converted
    into capital and vice versa.

Using the Shift+F3 method allows you to cycle through three different case scenarios: UPPERCASE, lowercase, tOGGLE cASE and Capitalize Each Word. If you need greater control, then you need to use the menu.

Drop capital

A drop cap is a particularly large letter, usually at the beginning of a paragraph the letter drops down several lines below from the top of its own line. Drop caps are usually used in a book, chapter or article for just the first letter.

Step to create a Drop Cap:

1) Select the paragraph or keep the cursor within the paragraph that you want to begin with a dropped capital letter.
2) On the Insert, tab ⇒ goes to Drop Cap button, from the drop-down list point to the different choices to see the effect.
3) Click Drop Cap Option, Font style for the capital letter dropped and how many lines you want to drop. If a dropped letter overlaps with the normal text of the paragraph, you can set some distance between a dropped letter and normal text by declaring the amount of space on Distance from a text.

You can undo a drop cap by clicking it and choosing Drop cap⇒ None.

Adding Page Number to a Document

You can select a page number in the page number gallery that is positioned at the top or bottom of the page and aligned with formatting that ranges from simple to fairly fancy in various ways. You can also place the page number on the side of the page in the margin.

In case you want to place an only page number on your document pages, you can simply
1) Go to Insert tab ⇒ click the Page Number button⇒ on you want the page number to appear.
2) From the gallery choose page- numbering design you want.

3) To change the numbering format click on Format Page Number.
4) If you have more than one section, then use page numbering option to specify whether you want the page numbering to be continuous or to restart at the beginning of each section.

5)Click OK.
6) To remove the page number, click on the Remove Page Number option.



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