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How to customize data format alignment,number grouping



customize data format alignment,number grouping

What are the types of data Excel Supports

Excel mainly supports two data types: Text and Number. You can format them using font, alignment, and grouping of numbers. The font group command is the same as MS – Word and their use as well. The alignment and group of numbers provide some special buttons as shown in the figure.

  • Make all content visible in a cell by displaying it on multiple lines.
  • A single cell created by combining two or more selected cells. The contents of the single cell appear in the center of the merged cell.
  • Select different currency formats for the selected cells.
  • If you want to change the currency symbol, then go to Start Menu ⇒ Control PanelRegional and Language options. Change the default currency symbol to your desired one.
  • The percentage button allows a percentage sign with the numeric data as a suffix and multiplies the number by 100 (hundred).
  • These commands are used to increase or decrease the number of decimal places. Normally the figures are rounded off.
  • These Indent buttons are used to change the indentation within a cell(s).
  • Rotate your text diagonally or vertically. This is a great way of narrowing columns.

How to customize editing data (Cut, Copy & Paste)

Edit Data: You can change a data in a cell directly by overwriting the same or press F2 function Key / double click on the cell for editing.

Copy & Paste Data: You can copy an entry into surrounding cells by dragging the AutoFill handle of the cell contents you want to copy from, which will appear at the right-bottom corner of the cell. Drag in any direction the fill handle to copy the data to adjacent cells. A small box or bubble seems to let you know exactly what data is being copied

This Excel feature is called AutoFill. Using this Fill handle dragging method, you can copy data as well as formula. This can also be done by sequentially using the Home Tab α Clipboard Group / Copy and Paste command. You can also use shortcuts instead of Ribbon; Ctrl+C keys together for Copy option and Ctrl+V keys together for Paste option.

Moving Data: You can use Ribbon to move data from one location to another, i.e. Go to Home Tab or Clipboard Group — Click Cut command or press Ctrl + X keys together. Keep your cursor in the target cell and click Paste command in the clipboard group or press Ctrl+V. Otherwise, drag the selection border to the required area.

Delete Data: To delete the contents of a cell completely, place the cell pointer on the cell and press Delete or Del key from the keyboard, otherwise select Home Tab⇒Editing Group⇒Clear⇒Clear All.

Work With Worksheet.

Changing Sheet Name.:- You can change the Name of the sheet tabs

  1. Double-click on the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to rename or right-click
    on the tab, type the name and press enter.
  2. Select Rename option from the context-sensitive popup menu, type the name and press enter.
  3.  Right click on Sheet tab -5 the current name will be highlighted. Type a new name and press Enter key.

Adding a New Worksheet

  1. Right-Click on Sheet Tab
  2. Choose and click insert option from the popup menu.

OR – To quickly insert a new worksheet at the end of the existing worksheets, click the Insert Worksheet tab at the bottom of the screen.
OR press Shift+F11
Removing a Worksheet
1) Right-click on the sheet tab
2) and click Delete option from the popup menu.
Be careful when deleting worksheets as you cannot undo the deletion.

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