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How to placing a border around a page in Microsoft word 2016



Borders and Shading

By using these formatting features, you can set a boundary to the paragraph(s) as well as the page boundary to appear around the print area and can also highlight any particular portion of the matter using the shading option to make the appearance of the matter more attractive.

Adding a Border or shading a paragraph 

You can use border and shading to fill in the background of a paragraph, or selected text.

  1. First, you need to select the area you want to border and shade.
  2. On the Design, tab clicks the Border command page that appears in the Border and Shading dialog box. Click on the Borders tab, see Figure Right.
  3. Click the border type you want to specify a line style, color, and width. The button is used to customize the border from the side of the paragraph. Click the button again to replace the border.
  4. Click the option to change the border distance from the text.
  5. To add, shading, select the option you want to choose the fill color by clicking the shading tab. Use “More colors” to choose a pattern style if needed. Refer to figure.


  1. Choose paragraph Apply to pop up. click OK and you ‘ll see your settings applied to that part of your document.

Now’ We Learn

How to Placing a Border around a page

  1.  On the Design, Tab ⇒ Click the page border button, the borders, and the shading dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Page Border tab of the Border and Shading dialog box refer to the figure.
  3. Choose the type of border you want. you can style, color, and width, as well as a variety of graphical border.
  4. To customize the border from the side border button, if you want to remove the border. to replace the border, click the button again.
  5. Click the option to change the distance of the border from the text. to keep a good look, you can use the shading tab if needed.
  6. Choose the color you want. you can also use pattern. click OK.


You can add a border to any or all sides of each page in a document, to section pages, to the first page only, or to all pages except the first one. You can add page boundaries in different line styles and colors as well as a variety of graphical boundaries. You can also apply attractive embedded art as a page border. Under the page border, the custom option is to change the individual border style.

Decorative Horizontal Line

  •  Click at the position in the document where you want the line to appear
  • On the Home, Tab click the Borders Dropdown
  • Click on the Horizontal Line

    To modify the Line right click on it and click on Format Horizontal line to display the Format Horizontal Line dialog box. Make any modification you want.

Format Painter

In word 2016 you can copy the format of selected text and paste the copied attribution to a ‘target’ selection.

  1. Simply select the text by double-clicking on the Home Tab Format Painting (it remains active until you press ESC or click the button again).
  2. Note the paintbrush that stalks your cursor as you move it. When you select your target text, the copied formatting will be applied as soon as you release the mouse button.


Also, you can use a Mini Toolbar.

If you want to apply for a format in more than one area, double – click the Format Painter icon. This makes it inevitable to stay on, meaning almost anything you click after will reflect the formatting. Click the Format Painter icon again to turn this off

To display all available shortcut keys so you can choose the one you want. To switch the display of the shortcut key, simply press ALT and wait for a moment when the key tips appear on the command whenever they are found, simply press the letter of the command you want to select.

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