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What is Excel & importance of Excel worksheet



importance of Excel worksheet

What is MS Excel? importance of excel

Microsoft Excel:-  MS -Excel is a spreadsheet program that provides with powerful tools and features to analyze share and manage your data with least efforts. A spreadsheet is defined as a large sheet containing information arranged in a matrix of rows and column. spreadsheet software is a programmed or a set of programs for entering, calculating, analyzing and manipulating sets of number. A computer spreadsheet automatically recalculates all the formulae whenever you make a change in the value or Number. There are so many other spreadsheet programs such as numeric, open, playmaker, spread etc.

Areas of usage in MS Excel.

It is impossible to give a complete listing of applications that can be done in Excel, but it includes budgeting displays, checkbook registers, enrollment records, inventories, coded surveys, field and laboratory research data, and financial and accounting applications. Excel includes all standard features of a spreadsheet package like automatic recalculation, graphs, and functions.

We are sighting some examples to make it clear:

Suppose the zonal manager of sales wishes to track down the sales of South Delhi region for the month of June 2012 of each particular area graphically – by a bar graph. He also wishes to mark the areas recording highest and lowest sales. How can he do it with significant ease?
The Director of an organization wishes to make a table of comparative profits after tax of the company for the last five years so that he can identify the trend of the company s performance. Can you help him?
As a financial advisor, how would Rajeev choose from a variety of mutual funds, insurance policies and suggest the best ones giving maximum returns for his client, so that Mr. Roy is fully satisfied?
The answer to all the above is only one – MS – Excel 2016. There are so many examples are there where excel is used as the most powerful tool to solve their day to day problems.

So, Friends How to Lunch or open an MS Excel in Windows Computer.

1. First step OR you can say it traditional method.

Open Run BoxWindows Key + R ➞ Type excel ➟ click on OK

2. second Method which is also I will be used to open an Excel.

Press ➞ Windows Key + S. Here you can see the search option Now Just type a ⇒ excel then hit ➟Enter Button on your Keyboard.

These are the Fastest way to open an MS Excel on your computer.

I will Not prefer another way because I don’t use them or like them it takes more time. so I hope you will be understood what is excel and how to open it.


When you open a Microsoft office excel 2016, the first thing you will notice is the new interface.

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How to use MS Excel 2016 Best Fit or Auto Fit features



MS Excel 2016 best fit or auto fit

MS Excel 2016 Best Fit Or AutoFit

  1. If the cell width is not adequate for the contents of a column, you can change to its exact required size using either Best Fit feature or Auto Fit option. Best Fit is used not only to change the cell width as well as to change the row height also.
  2. Place the mouse pointer on the separator of the column letters or row numbers, then double«click on it, immediately the Column width or Row height will be changed to display the widest entry within that particular column or row. Always you have to consider the separator between the current column or row and next column or row. This is known as Best Fit feature.
  3. To make AutoFit, select the particular columns and then go to Home TabCell Group ⇒Click FormatAutoFit Column Width. The columns are automatically adjusted so that each column is wide enough to show the widest content in that particular column.
Place the mouse Pointer on the separator of two column letter or row number when a mouse pointer converts a Symbol like below then double-click on it.




Similarly. to adjust the height Of the row automatically, first select all the rows to be adjusted. GO to Home Tab
Cell Group Click Format -Y AutoFit Row Height. The rows are automatically adjusted so that each row’s height
is enough to display the entry of such height in that row. AutoFit & Best Fit option can change the width or
height of multiple columns or rows at a time.

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How to customize data format alignment,number grouping



customize data format alignment,number grouping

What are the types of data Excel Supports

Excel mainly supports Two types of data: Text and Number. You can format them using the font, alignment and number grouping. The command of font group is same as MS-Word and also their usage. the alignment and number group provides some special buttons as shown in the figure.

  •  Make all content visible within a cell by displaying it on multiple lines.
  • A single cell created by combining two or more selected cells. The contents Of the single cell appear in the center of the merged cell.S
  • elect various currencies formats for the selected cells.
  • If you want to change the currency symbol, then go to Start Menu ⇒ Control PanelRegional and Language options. Change the default currency symbol to your desired one.
  • Percentage button allows a percentage sign as a suffix with the numeric data and multiplies the number by 100 (hundred).
  • These commands are used to increase or decrease the number of decimal places. Normally it is round off the figures.
  • These Indent buttons are used to change indentation within a cell(s).
  • Rotate you text diagonally or vertically. This is a great way to narrow Columns.

How to customize editing data (Cut, Copy & Paste)

Edit Data: You can change a data in a cell directly by overwriting the same or press F2 function Key / double click on the cell for editing.

Copy & Paste Data: You can copy an entry into surrounding cells by dragging the AutoFill handle of the cell contents of which you want to copy, that will appear at the right-bottom corner of the cell. Drag the fill handle in
any direction to copy the data to adjacent cells. A small box or bubble appears to let you know exactly what data is being copied.

This feature of Excel is called AutoFill. Using this dragging method of Fill handle you may copy data as well as formula. This can also be performed by using Home Tab ⇒Clipboard Group ⇒Copy and Paste command sequentially. Instead of Ribbon, you can use shortcuts also; Ctrl + C keys together for Copy option and Ctrl +
V keys together for Paste option.

Moving Data: To move data from one location to another, you can use Ribbon, i.e., Go to Home Tab ⇒ Clipboard Group ⇒ Click Cut command or press Ctrl + X keys together. Keep your cursor on the target cell and click Paste command on clipboard group or press Ctrl+V. Otherwise, drag the border of the selection to
the required area.

Delete Data: To delete the contents of a cell completely, place the cell pointer on the cell and press Delete or Del key from the keyboard, otherwise select Home Tab⇒Editing Group⇒Clear⇒Clear All.

Work With Worksheet.

Changing Sheet Name.:- You can change the Name of the sheet tabs

  1. Double-click on the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to rename or right-click
    on the tab, type the name and press enter.
  2. Select Rename option from the context-sensitive popup menu, type the name and press enter.
  3.  Right click on Sheet tab -5 the current name will be highlighted. Type a new name and press Enter key.

Adding a New Worksheet

  1. Right-Click on Sheet Tab
  2. Choose and click insert option from the popup menu.

OR – To quickly insert a new worksheet at the end of the existing worksheets, click the Insert Worksheet tab at the bottom of the screen.
OR press Shift+F11
Removing a Worksheet
1) Right-click on the sheet tab
2) and click Delete option from the popup menu.
Be careful when deleting worksheets as you cannot undo the deletion.

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What are the types of data you enter in MS Excel



types of data you enter in MS Excel

How to Entering Data in Cell.

Whenever you enter in excel you are given a blank file (Workbook) containing one worksheet. The worksheet is the combination of multiple cells (In each worksheet there are multiple rows and columns, intersect, areas ‘frows and columns create a rectangular each rectangular zone is called a cell) we will enter data under different cells.


Types of data you can enter in Excel.

An Excel workbook can hold any number of worksheets, and each worksheet is made up 0 more than 17 billion cells. A cell can hold

  • Numerical values
  • Text
  • Date & Time
  • A formula that returns a value, logical value or text.

The text is any combination of letters, numbers, and spaces. By default, a text is automatically left aligned in a However, Numbers, and Dates are right aligned.

A worksheet Can also hold charts, diagrams, pictures, buttons, and Other Objects. These Objects contained in cells. Rather, they reside on the worksheet draw layer, which is an invisible layer on each worksheet.

Moving around a Worksheet.

At the opening interface excel provides you a default workbook name book1. When you want to place your cursor or activate a cell in order to insert, edit or format the cells, there are ways to help you.
You can use:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Name box on the formula bar and Go To Dialog box

Navigating with your keyboard

You can use the standard navigational keys on your keyboard to move around a worksheet. These keys work just as you’d expect: The down arrow moves the active cell down one row, the right arrow moves it one column to the right, and so on. PgUp and PgDn move the active cell up or down one full window. (The actual a number of rows moved depends on the number of rows displayed in the window.


Navigating with your mouse.

To change the active cell by using a mouse, click another cell; it the active cell. If the cell that you want to activate isn’ t visible in workbook window; you Can use scrollbars to scroll the window in any direction. To scroll one cell, click either arrow on the scrollbar. To scroll through a complete screen. click either side of the scrollbar’s scroll box, You also can drag the scroll box for faster scrolling.

press Ctrl while you use the mouse wheel to zoom the worksheet. if you prefer to use the mouse wheel to zoom the worksheet without Ctrl. office ButtonExcel Options and select the Advanced section. Place a checkmark next to the Zoom on Roll with IntelliMouse check box.

Using the scrollbars or scrolling with your doesn’t change the Etive cell. It simply scrolls the worksheet. To change the active cell. you must dick a cell after smiling.

If your mouse has a wheel on it. you can use the mouse wheel to scroll vertically. Also, if you click the wheel and move the mouse in that direction. the worksheet scroll automatically in that direction. The more you move the mouse, faster the scrolling.

Name box on the formula bar and GO to the Dialogue box





Cell Box 


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