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What is Excel & importance of Excel worksheet



importance of Excel worksheet

What is MS Excel? importance of excel

Microsoft Excel:-  MS -Excel is a spreadsheet program that provides with powerful tools and features to analyze share and manage your data with least efforts. A spreadsheet is defined as a large sheet containing information arranged in a matrix of rows and column. spreadsheet software is a programmed or a set of programs for entering, calculating, analyzing and manipulating sets of number. A computer spreadsheet automatically recalculates all the formulae whenever you make a change in the value or Number. There are so many other spreadsheet programs such as numeric, open, playmaker, spread etc.

Areas of usage in MS Excel.

It is impossible to give a complete listing of applications that can be done in Excel, but it includes budgeting displays, checkbook registers, enrollment records, inventories, coded surveys, field and laboratory research data, and financial and accounting applications. Excel includes all standard features of a spreadsheet package like automatic recalculation, graphs, and functions.

We are sighting some examples to make it clear:

Suppose the zonal manager of sales wishes to track down the sales of South Delhi region for the month of June 2012 of each particular area graphically – by a bar graph. He also wishes to mark the areas recording highest and lowest sales. How can he do it with significant ease?
The Director of an organization wishes to make a table of comparative profits after tax of the company for the last five years so that he can identify the trend of the company s performance. Can you help him?
As a financial advisor, how would Rajeev choose from a variety of mutual funds, insurance policies and suggest the best ones giving maximum returns for his client, so that Mr. Roy is fully satisfied?
The answer to all the above is only one – MS – Excel 2016. There are so many examples are there where excel is used as the most powerful tool to solve their day to day problems.

So, Friends How to Lunch or open an MS Excel in Windows Computer.

1. First step OR you can say it traditional method.

Open Run BoxWindows Key + R ➞ Type excel ➟ click on OK

2. second Method which is also I will be used to open an Excel.

Press ➞ Windows Key + S. Here you can see the search option Now Just type a ⇒ excel then hit ➟Enter Button on your Keyboard.

These are the Fastest way to open an MS Excel on your computer.

I will Not prefer another way because I don’t use them or like them it takes more time. so I hope you will be understood what is excel and how to open it.


When you open a Microsoft office excel 2016, the first thing you will notice is the new interface.

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