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Simple Naming range formula hacks in Microsoft Excel



How to Create a Naming range in excel.

Select the range. Go to Formula Tab ⇒ Define name ⇒ Define Name To display the dialog box as shown in the figure.

Type a name in the Name box (or use the name that Excel proposes if any). The cell or range address selected appears in the Refers To box.

Use the drop-down Scope to indicate the name’s scope. The scope indicates where the name will be valid and is either the entire workbook or a specific sheet. You can add a comment describing the named range or cell if you like.

Click OK to add the name to the workbook and close the dialog box.

Creating Name using the Name box.

  • Select the cell or Range to name, click the Name Box, and type the name. Press Enter to create the name.

Create name Automatically.

Managing names

A workbook may have numerous names. You should know about the Name Manager if you have many names.

The Name Manager appears when you choose Formulas Defined NamesName Manager (or press
Ctrl+F3). The Name Manager has the following features:

  1. Displays in the workbook information about each name. To display more information, you can resize the Name Manager dialog box and widen the columns. You can also click a column heading to sort the column information.
  2. Allows you to filter the names displayed. Clicking the Filter button allows you to show only those names that meet certain criteria. For example, you can only view the names of the worksheet level.
  3.  Provides quick access to the New Name dialog box. Click the New button to create a new name without
    closing the Name Manager.
  4. Let’s edit your names. Select it in the list and then click the Edit button to edit a name. You can change the name or references to range the comment or edit it.
  5.  Let’s you quickly delete unneeded names. To delete a name, select it in the list and click Delete.

Adding Comment to Cells.

In excel a note can be added on a certain cell through inserting a comment. You can edit the comment and delete those comments which are no longer useful.
Select the cell and then go to Review tab ⇒ Comments group ⇒ New Comment. -OR-
Right-click the cell and choose Insert Comment from the popup menu.

After you finished writing, click anywhere outside the comment area to hide the comment box.
A small red arrow at the top right corner of the cell indicates that a comment is inserted on that cell.

Formatting Comments

  1.  Right Click on the cell where you inserted a comment and click on Edit Comment
  2.  Select the comment content or you can select the whole comment box to apply to the format
  3.  Click on Format Comment to format the comment
  4. Make necessary formatting as per your requirements

You can also display an image inside of a comment. Select the Colors and Lines tab in the Format Comment
dialog box. Click the Color drop-down list and select Fill Effects. In the Fill Effects dialog box, click the Picture
tab and then click the Select Picture Button to specify a graphics file.

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