How to use and modified bullet and numbers list in ms word

How bullet and number list work.

An excellent way to clearly provided information is to present it in a numbered or bulleted list. everything from a shopping list to an outline for a book report to a business plan can make use of lists. work makes it easy to create bulleted and numbered list.

Creating a Bulleted or Number list

  1. Select to text that you want to apply a bulleted or Numbered list, place the inserting point where you want to begin typing a new list.
  2. On the Home tab, in the paragraph group click the Numbering button for a numbered list or the bullets button for a bulleted list.
  3. After completing the first line, press Enter to start the second list item.
  4. When the list is completed, press Enter twice to create an empty paragraph and to turn off the list formatting.

Apply Bullets:

Apply Numbering:

Press Shift+Enter to place a blank line between numbered and bulleted lists.

Alternatively, you can also apply bullets or numbering just selecting text and applying the necessary bullets or numbering style.

Modify the List:

Right-click in the paragraph you want to change ⇒ from the shortcut menu, choose the action you want for that item in the list.

If you need the bullet other than the existing Ones, click on Define New Bullet. Another dialog box will come.
To select a symbol for your bullet, Under Bullet character, click Symbol. The Symbol dialog box appears. From the
Font pull-down box, select the desired font in the scroll box; select the desired bullet character click ok. To select a picture for your bullet, Under Bullet character, click Picture. The Picture Bullet dialog box appears. In the
scroll box. select the desired bullet character Click ok. Refer to the figure below.

If you want to customize bullet then click on a numbered list pull-down menu. The numbered list pull-down menu appears. Define New Number Format The Define New Number Format appears. You can make your choice Of number style out Of the number style drop-down list.

Multilevel List 

This is a special feature of Word to generate a multi-level list (called a nested list). if you need to classify them
relationship Of item by listing them under specific Categories; you can quickly and easily create a multilevel

Creation Multilevel List

  1. Start typing the first line of your list.
  2.  On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List.
  3.  Click a multilevel list style in the gallery of styles.
  4.  Type your list. Use Tab and Shift +Tab keys together for forward and backward movement bulleted levels

Creation of multilevel list style to add to the gallery

If any multilevel list what you are looking for is not available in the gallery, you can also create and define a new style and use the list style each time you begin a document. The new multilevel list style is added automatically to the gallery of list styles. You can create the following steps:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List.
  2.  Click Define New Multilevel List to get Define New Multilevel List dialog box.
  3.  Beginning with level 1, number format; font, and position choices. your every level that you want to use in your multilevel list. Click OK
Manage List Style in the word.

You can create your own list style to apply similar alignment, number or bullet characters, and fonts to lists. To create a List Style, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List. Click Define
New List Style to get Define New List Style dialog box. Type the styles name into name box and do the formatting according to your requirement like (Bold, Colour, Alignment, Symbol, Picture, Font size, Number, Bullet etc.). Click on Ok Select the options that you want, or click Format to see more options. To use the new style in new documents based on the same template, select the New documents based on this template check box. Word adds the new
Style to the template that is attached to the active document. Here new list style can be defined for the current document and for other documents also.

The basic difference between the Define New Multilevel List and Define New List Style commands is that the Define New Multilevel List command is convenient for creating and saving a list style that you won’t ever change or that you will use in a single document. But the Define New List Style command is to change the style design you created. If you use the Define New List Style command to define a new list style and then you make changes to the style, every instance of that list style is updated in the document. Here you have the option to create the list for current document and for other documents also.




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